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We Are Committed to Helping You Regain Your Health and Life

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We are a state-of-the-art provider of outpatient Neurology & Psychiatry Services

We understand the needs and concerns of our patients and help them become healthier by delivering improved health outcomes and experiences.

NCHC focuses on collaborative treatment plans that accommodate the personal goals and priorities of each patient and incorporate their input to offer high-yield outcomes in a comfortable and convenient manner. Our neurology and psychiatric, and addiction treatment experts incorporate all the elements needed – including unified team efforts when appropriate – to ensure our patients’ needs are served in the best possible way.

Our Services

Neuro Comprehensive Health Center offers a wide variety of mental health services in Dublin Ohio.


​Neurological diseases and disorders are difficult for families and patients. Both are affected by the diseases – one in terms of their health and the others caring for their loved ones.

At NUCHC, we treat your loved ones with compassion and respect, using our experience to properly diagnose conditions, and only recommending treatments to help their situation.


Psychiatric treatments effect a wide range of behavioral conditions. From anxiety and panic attacks, to attention deficit, to bipolarism and PTSD. Our psychiatrist are patient-focused and listen first to hear what your needs are to help treat your condition.

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Your Mental Health is Our Mission

Same Day Appointments are Available.

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