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We are a state-of-the-art provider of outpatient Neurology, Psychiatry, and Addiction Treatment.

We understand the needs and concerns of our patients and help them become healthier by delivering improved health outcomes and experiences.

NCHC focuses on collaborative treatment plans that accommodate the personal goals and priorities of each patient and incorporate their input to offer high-yield outcomes in a comfortable and convenient manner. Our neurology, psychiatric, and addiction treatment experts incorporate all the elements needed – including unified team efforts when appropriate – to ensure our patients’ needs are served in the best possible way.

Our Services

Neuro Comprehensive Health Center offers a wide variety of mental health services in Dublin Ohio.


​Neurological diseases and disorders are difficult for families and patients. Both are affected by the diseases – one in terms of their health and the others caring for their loved ones.
At NUCHC, we treat your loved ones with compassion and respect, using our experience to properly diagnose conditions, and only recommending treatments to help their situation.


Psychiatric treatments effect a wide range of behavioral conditions. From anxiety and panic attacks, to attention deficit, to bipolarism and PTSD. Our psychiatrist are patient-focused and listen first to hear what your needs are to help treat your condition.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease that rewires the brain chemically and can cause serious imbalances. It’s ill effects are often misunderstood and will-power alone often isn’t enough because the brain is lacking the right nutrients. Our staff specializes in addiction treatment in Dublin Ohio and can help in even the most severe cases.

Opioid Addiction and Suboxone Treatment in Dublin, OH

Opioid users have a high potential for addiction and recovering from opioid addiction is not easy. But there are effective methods for treating the problem, including the use of medications like Suboxone.

Suboxone treatment helps to control the physical aspects of moving away from opioids and, combined with psychiatric sessions and counseling allows for a gradual withdrawal without the major pains and mental issues associated with ending drug usage abruptly – “cold turkey.”

Our experience with treatment including the use of Suboxone has been very positive

The Process

Taken with medical supervision and following guidelines on use, patients can decrease drug over a period of time.  This decreases cravings for the opioid and withdrawal symptoms are much less severe. Suboxone treatment allows patients to resume normal life relatively quickly and be productive in daily life at work, school and family activities.

Supervision of medication, complete program – a clear path to follow-  and regular guidance and support are all part of a systematic program provided to lower the potential for a return to opioid use while reducing the effects of physical dependency to opioids, such as withdrawal symptoms and cravings


Based on each individual patient’s needs and capabilities, we can support the new behaviors learned while in treatment through a structured follow-up program. This will reinforce the continuing avoidance of opioids as well as providing practical advice and learning opportunities.

Having the availability of regular checkpoints and support can significantly reduce the potential for recidivism – backsliding to using opioids again because of physical or emotional issues. A well-structured andtailored aftercare program can support the potential for a better, safer life much more likely.

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I can’t say enough my life is back because these people took a chance on me. I don’t look at him as just my doctor or staff at my doctor’s office, I look at them all as personal friends. They went on a journey with me through my addiction and they were always there by my side when I needed someone to talk.

I went from having no where to live, no job, and no money to owning my own house a beautiful huge home in a wonderful neighborhood in Delaware, we own two Australian shepherd, we have two wonderful children who I am able to spoil because I have a wonderful job now, and the family I have always wanted. I know it started with me reaching out for help and I can honestly say, they helped me when everyone else turned their back on me. I would recommend this office to everyone on Earth! They are so wonderful, so great, and it’s nice to know if you need the help, it’s there…Thank you so much for helping me get my life back!

Danielle L.


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