Our Practice 

Neuro Comprehensive is an up-to-date provider of outpatient care in Neurology and Psychiatry.
We are dedicated to our Vision, Mission, & Values.
Our approach leads to healthier patients and a better healthcare service experience!

Our Vision:

Our goal is to be the best choice for patients seeking neurology or psychiatry health treatment.


Our Mission:

  1. Understand the needs and preferences of our patients.
  2. Make it convenient to obtain the health services you want or need.
  3. Deliver:
      • the highest level of patient satisfaction
      • the highest rate of improved health outcomes
      • the highest level of patient satisfaction

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Core Values of our Practice

Patient-First Care

  1. Our approach is to understand every patient  including  their personal goals & priorities.
  2. Our treatment plans are designed for patient comfort & convenience – in addition to desired health outcomes.
  3. Patient needs   take priority over what may be convenient for our doctors and staff.
  4. We seek patient feedback post-care and incorporate their suggestions into the way we provide services.

Specialized Expertise

  1. We devote our time and resources to stay  up-to-date on best practices in neurology and psychiatry.
  2. We invest in current, proven diagnostic techniques and medical devices   to deliver top level care.
  3. We  participate  in the clinical trials that offer  our patients access to new treatment options and further build the expertise of our  team.

Multi-Specialty Integration

  1. When appropriate, our neurology and psychiatry experts work together as a unified team to ensure our patients’ needs are served in the best possible way.
  2. We work closely with each patient’s referring provider to ensure ongoing care is fully coordinated