Welcome to Neuro Comprehensive Health Center (NCHC) , for those who are ready to begin their recovery from opioid addiction.

This is YOUR recovery. It is time for YOU to take back control. Only YOU can confront your addiction and take the first steps to a healthy, addiction free life.

At Neuro Comprehensive Health Center (NCHC)  addiction recovery specialists identify the underlying cause of your addiction through a neurological and psychological approach, combined with behavioral support. Our staff is committed to providing quality care and will personalize every treatment plan based off of individualized needs.  Whether you choose SUBOXONE or VIVITROL, our professional doctors, counselors and staff will be there, cheering you on to your recovery.

Are you here looking for recovery support? Or perhaps, you are researching local treatment facilities for a family member or friend? If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or just need someone to talk to, our staff is available to answer any questions or concerns.  Pick up the phone.

Neuro Comprehensive Health Center (NCHC) is an out-patient opioid addiction treatment facility located in Dublin, Ohio.

Neuro Comprehensive Health Center (NCHC) is a place for adults experiencing opioid addiction and looking for a quality out-patient treatment center.

  •  Suboxone Treatment Program
  • Vivitrol



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